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i'm a texas born girl that grew up in eugene, oregon who attended auburn university and now lives in nashville, tennessee.  if that makes your head spin, then wait for the next part.  peter and i married before his senior year at the university of oregon where he was playing football.  we had known each other for a whopping 6 months before we said "i do" and walked down the aisle as one.  we managed to get ourselves pregnant 4 weeks into the marriage and soon we were expecting our son jackson.  i say we, as it took both of us, but i own the stretch marks and i had the privilege of worshipping the porcelain god for 4 months, but it was WE.  the weekend we had jackson, he was drafted to the tennessee titans to play linebacker for them.  we then moved to nashville, tennessee to become tennesseans!  we managed to stay in nashville for 8 years and had 3 beautiful girls during those years.  after he retired from playing, he looked at me and said, "i think i want to coach football."  that's when the real journey began.  the roller coaster that followed gave me friends, gave me happiness, gave me saddness, gave me memories, and gave me struggles.  the moving and the settling was always a challenge i loved, but it gave us heartaches we hadn't ever known.  we left nashville to go to ellensburg, wa, then to eugene, oregon, then to knoxville, tennessee, then to seattle, washington, then to los angeles, california and finally here, back to nashville.  so here we are, enjoying music city, living life, loving life and loving people.  
i have people ask me all the time, what do you use on your skin?  what make up do you use?  where do you shop?  how do you stay in shape?  where did you get that necklace?  i hope to answer these questions on this page.  i hope to make you laugh through the chaos of life.  i hope you learn something and i hope i learn something as well.....every day!  i also will be interviewing people and citing interesting articles on this blog. anyway, i hope we learn from each other and i look forward to navigating this crazy world together, one post at a time!