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i live in nashville, tennessee with my family.  we love sports, travel and each other.  i want to highlight as many people as i can in my community and beyond, as we are all on this crazy journey of life together.  let's do this!


song of the week
one great way to connect to your teen or your child is through music. there are so many reasons why this is true.  whether you sing it with them, try to sing it while they roll their eyes or even try to dance to it, it's a connection.  they will appreciate the effort.

SMOKE CLEARS by andy grammer
for those long lashes......
for that plump look....... 
this stuff is the real deal.  some of us are lash challenged.  after using this product faithfully, you won' be.  it is on the expensive side, but this can last you 3 months if you use it wisely.
i have noticed a difference already using this product.  it has plumped my face and given it the hydration that it really needs going into these dry winter months of chapped faces in the cold.